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Bruce Lee:The Big Boss (1971)

Bruce Lee was unhappy of his supporting roles in the U.S that he returned to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, people refer "The Green Hornet" as "The Kato Show" and Bruce didn't expect much success from the people in Hong Kong. Bruce was then offered a film contract by the lengendary director Raymond Chow. Raymond Chow was born January 1,1929 and is currently 80 years old. Bruce Lee accepted to star in 2 films produced by Raymond's production company called "Golden Harvest". Those 2 films would soon be "The Big Boss" and soon after "Fist Of Fury". "The Big Boss" was Lee's first major film and it was an enormous success in Hong Kong. The whole film also cost less than $100,000. The star of the film was suppose to be James Tien, but Bruce Lee's amazing performances proved otherwise and a new star was born. In the U.S, this film is also known as "Fists Of Fury". When "The Big Boss " was released in theatres, Bruce Lee had already begun working on his next project, "Fist of Fury" which was released the following year.
Story:(from Wikipedia)
Cheng is a Chinese man from Guangdong who has moved to Thailand, with the help of his uncle, to find a job working with his cousins in an ice factory. When a block of ice is accidentally broken, something that looks like a block of white powder comes out. Later that night, the two cousins who discovered the heroin were asked to stay to see the manager. They were told that there are better jobs for them. Apparently, the factory is a front for a drug smuggling ring led by the Big Boss, Hsiao Mi. The cousins were offered good positions. When they declined, they were murdered.
Hsiao Mi attempts to cover up the murders, but Cheng and his surviving cousins became suspicious. Two more of his cousins, Hsu Chien and Ah Pei, go to Mi's house to ask if he knows what happened to them. When they realize he is acting suspicious and start toward the police station, Mi also has them killed (but not before Hsu takes several of Mi's men down with him). Hsiao Mi then distracts Cheng by promoting him to foreman and providing him with alcohol and prostitutes (turning some of his cousins against him). However, out of affection, one of the prostitutes revealed the truth to Cheng. He broke into the factory one night and discovered, to his horror, his cousins' corpses. Cheng's snooping around was immediately discovered by a gang led by Hsiao Mi's son, Hsiao Chiun.
Cheng defeated the gang and killed many, including Hsiao Chiun. Unfortunately he returned home only to find that his entire family has been murdered. Cheng exacted revenge by killing Hsiao Mi in the final fight, by stabbing him with his own fingers. He then surrendered to the police.

My Thoughts On The Movie:
I also own this movie and i also watched it a few times. It is rated R for restricted. Prabobly because of brief nudity, sexual themes, and violence such as gore. Although in this movie, Lee seems quite quiet throughout the movie for the first half of the movie you don't really see much action. Overall, the movie was superb! There were different language selections such as Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. The action scenes were done extremely well and the plot was alright. In the movie there's also suppose to be an infamous scene where Lee cuts a person's head with a saw but that's not included in the DVD. Bruce Lee was fast, stunning, and this is a true Bruce Lee classic. If you are a fan of Bruce Lee or even martial arts, i would strongly suggest picking this one up for your collection.
Overall rating:90/100
Bruce Lee as Cheng Chao-an
Maria Yi as Chiao Mei
James Tien as Cousin "Hsu Chien"
Yin-Chieh Han as Hsiao Mi ("The Big Boss")
Lee Kwan as Cousin "Ah Kun"
Tony Liu as "Hsiao Chiun" (Hsiao Mi's son)
Chao Chen as "Foreman of the Ice factory"
Chia Ching Tu as "Uncle"
Gam Saan as Cousin "Ah Shan"
Billy Chan Wui-Ngai as Cousin "Ah Pei"
Lam Ching-Ying as Cousin "Ah Yen" (also Assistant Action Director of the film)
Nora Miao as the drinkstand owner
Ma La Lene as "Miss Wuman"
Unknown as Cousin "Ah Chen"
Unknown as Cousin "Ah Wong"

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